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Our goal is to increase machine availability by preventing or eliminating recurring failures.   


We provide professional engineering services and products in pursuit of this goal.  Our services identify and diagnose recurring failures, optimize component performance, and project their remaining useful life.  Our monitoring products continuously track structural health, production, and positioning data providing industry standard metrics and with industry leading accuracy.  Our structural upgrade products eliminate recurring failures caused by deficient design, overload and fatigue. 

Our engineers have 55+ years of combined experience providing engineering solutions to machinery owners and operators in North America, Central America and South America.  Our staff includes mechanical, structural, and mechatronics engineers with extensive design, live testing and field measurement experience.


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Mechanical, Structural, Weld, NDT (Non-destructive Testing)

A22 to A23 Solid Geometry Mesh.png
Modeling & Analysis


3D Mechanical Design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)



Experimental, Theoretical, Failures & Root Cause

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Roller Load, Center of Gravity & Ballast, Rail Spall, Suspended Load, Frequency Harmonics, ISO Whole Body Vibration (Operator Exposure & Health)



Rated Suspended Load, Airflow Quality, Remaining Useful Fleet Life

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Measurements &


Stress/Strength, Vibration/Acceleration, Temperature/Airflow, Remaining Useful Fatigue/Component Life


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SGU machined.JPG
SGU machined.JPG


Continuous Online Monitoring System


Industry Standard KPI's & Alarming for Structural, Production and Positioning Metrics

Data Quality & Machine Learning Algorithms 

Modular, Reliable, Cost Effective 

3rd Party & Fleet Integration Available


Customizable Sensor Configurations: Stress, Vibration, Temperature, Rotational Position

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Engineered Upgrades for Deficient Structures & Deficient Welded Connections

Eliminating Fatigue Cracking Failures, Buckling Failures, and Overload Failures

Installation & Weld Procedures for Optimal Service Life



High Accuracy Wireless Payload Solutions & In-Line Tension Links

Customizable Sizes (larger sizes rated up to 750,000 lbs per link)

Long battery Life, Waterproof, Multiple Links Compatible per Base Station


2679 W Main St. Suite 300 - 711

Littleton, CO 80120 USA


Telephone:  +1-303-792-9814

Fax:              +1-303-946-2760

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